Hi I'm



I am a 4th year Computer Science student, part time personal trainer and a full time entrepreneur.

I love the internet, technology, and building beautiful things.

Where I'm From

I'm originally from Toronto, Ontario.

More About Me

Why did you join Baja Sae ?

Although Baja Sae mainly focuses on physically building the componenets to a vehicle, i decided to join to "spear-head" the desiging of a new website. Joining baja allowed to to express my creativity by undertaking a new project from scratch.

What's your dream job?

My dream job is working at a firm as a Software Consultant.

Which city would you like to work in?

I'm a very flexible and open minded person and I wouldn't mind moving to a new city for new opportunities. But preferrably I would like to work in Toronto

Why did you choose your current program of study?

I like learning about what goes on behind the scenes in a software application. Computer Science made it easier for me to explore whats "under the hood" of software applications.